PE Review: Seismic Principles

This intensive workshop is designed to review the basic principles of seismic design of structures for the California state specific seismic principles exam. This course has been updated using the new California Building Code (CBC) and International Building Code (IBC).

Instructor: Chris Tokas, M.S., S.E.


Class is scheduled for Saturday’s (4 total) from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.   For class schedule and room assignments see the PE Review Course Information page.


All classes will be held as California State University Sacramento.  For directions visit the PE Review Course Information page.

Topics Covered

  • Effects of earthquakes on structures
  • Generation of seismic forces
  • IBC requirements for earthquake-resistant design
  • Structural systems for earthquake-resistant design 
  • Load paths and transmission of loads through the structure
  • Base sear distribution
  • Analysis and design of small building structures with flexible diaphragms
  • Wall rigidities/Rigid diaphragms
  • Single degree of freedom oscillators/response spectrum
  • Practice problems and examples
  • Review of selected topics
  • Questions and final clarifications
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